Fear Not The Delta Variant

When I was diagnosed with the Delta Variant, I didn’t tremble in fear about the possible complications of my illness. The weaker I felt, the more I drew strength from awareness of the potent virus brewing within me, ready for dispersal to penetrate flimsy masks that could never hold back the inevitable.

Instead of cowering about my condition, I recognized the tremendous gift granted to me. I was a carrier of great power to spread destruction to my enemies or spare the innocent. Lord knows there aren’t many innocents these days.

Anyone who knows me has seen my fury when I’ve been wronged. When I am literally carrying the force of death inside my body and can freely cast it where I wish, you had better believe I will be righteously judging humanity and remembering who has done me wrong. Revenge is a dish best served with a gain of function virus cultivated in a Wuhan lab, escaped by their sloppiness. Chinese science is a joke.

My work was urgent as my powers would be strong for just a few days until the contagion passed. I could produce clouds of virulent vapor, but needed to choose my targets wisely. It felt like I was carrying an invisible gun, except even if accused no one could prove I was the gunman mowing people down with carefully placed breaths.

A soft fearful target could be quickly collapsed with just a few cases suddenly popping up and knocking out customers and staff. Disclosure would keep them out of business for a while as they took the hit and gossip spread through the community. Many would internalize fear and associate it with the establishment.

The restaurant that once had a rude host would have to shut down if I could get some of their staff and cooks infected. Plausible deniability means no one gets blamed — just another business sideswiped by the Chinese virus. No one cares to do contact tracing because they are depressed and demoralized, which is what authorities want so they can maintain control.

The mom and pop business where the owner worked 80 hours a week would fail if he got knocked out with the Delta Variant. His plan of working all the time was too fragile for this viral load. I was feeling wrecked with high fever, sinus pressure, and dizziness, but I heroically pushed on in service to this rare opportunity. My duty was to deliver the payload on target while maximally contagious. I was taking a risk as a carrier, but needed to remain steadfast and brave so my goal was achieved.

Individually we can rise to the occasion and show strength when we maximize the possibilities of our personal situation. The Second Amendment ensures the right to deploy bioweapons as necessary for our happiness, each according to his abilities and needs. In this case, my abilities and needs were full of potential.

We hear about mutating viruses increasing in power, but not enough about what that means at a societal level for those who desire to be change agents. There are many rarely discussed ways we can harness disease for our personal conflicts with power structures to help us achieve justice.

The positive social opportunities of mutating coronavirus strains are not discussed enough, and this needs to change. I hope to give voice to more ways we can help level society into linear equity so that everyone gets what they deserve.

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