Socially Useless Jobs

That old pal COVID really pulled back the curtain on a few things. I mean, first off, it’s like we all collectively woke up one day and realized, “Hey, do we really need to cram ourselves into these office buildings like sardines in a can, just to tap on keyboards and gab on the phone?”…

Worrying About Work

I’m about to drop a bomb on your perception of how your day rolls out. Here’s the staggering truth: The average American is dedicating nearly six hours of their day to checking work and personal email. That’s right, six hours! Now, let’s dive into those minutes: 209 on work email and 143 on personal email….

Fear Not The Delta Variant

When I was diagnosed with the Delta Variant, I didn’t tremble in fear about the possible complications of my illness. The weaker I felt, the more I drew strength from awareness of the potent virus brewing within me, ready for dispersal to penetrate flimsy masks that could never hold back the inevitable. Instead of cowering…

Call a Lid

Why bother to get up and face the world when there’s no point? Maybe you come into semi-consciousness around 7am or 8am, roll over, go back to sleep a few times, and by 8:30am you can be sure you don’t want to talk to anyone or deal with the world today. Your basement is huge…

Neither Career Nor Good Work

We were a bunch of savages gathering random parts collected haphazardly
rather than planning to craft greatness.