Trump Is Not Good For Everyone

Raging with cortisol is no way to get through the day. She allowed herself to be spun into outrage over media drama about the imaginary, trivial, and misrepresented. They knew how to push the buttons of people like her, and so those millions of needless casualties and the subsequent fractured nation were on their hands, even if they were easily prodded and mentally fragile.

Most nights she dreamed of Trump, so automatic was the trained fixation after being told that he would start WW3. It was claimed that Trump was somehow an agent of Russia because crazy people said so.

Her fury was fueled by ice-cream, junk food, and organic vegetarian carbs of minimal nutritional value. This determined resilience would surely stop a president trying to restore first world civilization. She put on 15 pounds each year of his Presidency.

Damn Russian agents making people eat garbage food, watch garbage media, and rage against phantoms until they made themselves sick.

They pretended to be offended by words and ideas so they didn’t have to consider their merits.

Thinking things through and wanting to have a normal life isn’t the way of resistance.

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