Tech Magnates Are Grubs

Big Tech magnates are creeps with empty souls lurching for the abyss. They are grubs and vermin wrecking humanity from within because of their tortured psychological disposition. They are equal parts:

  • blank staring zombies fixated on inserting their unwanted complications into other people’s lives
  • passive-aggressive retards scheming for money
  • angry beta weakling losers who want power and prestige over normal people
  • autistic problem solvers hopelessly divorced from nature and reality
  • antisocial lunatics promoting worthless junk entertainment

It is fitting that what they build reveals the essence of the crooked soul that conceived them.

Our smart phones are hopelessly stupid and make us dumber. We lose capability and potential as more technology attempts to encircle us and force us to pay attention to its useless tricks. Being able to text someone specific information they can quickly receive has some value; the rest of the smart phone is a costly amusing distraction. We lose not only time, but focus and the freedom to think clearly. Those who have smart phones must resort to putting them into airplane mode to avoid being constantly interrupted.

Social applications are tools of crowd compliance that allow our personal information to be collected by stealth and subterfuge to be sold off for corporate profit. Nothing substantial is provided by Facebook, WhatApp, Instagam, TikTok, or Google, but private details about us are taken and turned into money for companies. Honest conversation is limited by official censorship and supposed “community standards” that are made for advertisers, not the community of users.

Some low-income schools, meanwhile, have increased their tech usage to help solve for teacher shortage problems. Parents said a Mark Zuckerberg-funded web-based teaching platform caused physical and mental ailments, The New York Times reported.

In “Screen Schooled,” Clement and Miles make the case that wealthy Silicon Valley parents seem to grasp the addictive powers of smartphones, tablets, and computers more than the general public does — despite the fact that these parents often make a living by creating and investing in that technology.

“It’s interesting to think that in a modern public school, where kids are being required to use electronic devices like iPads,” the authors wrote, “Steve Jobs’s kids would be some of the only kids opted out.”

Soliciting, compiling, and selling personal information is worth billions in a one-sided relationship. Commercials are shoe-horned in everywhere, ensuring consciousness is made crazed, unsteady, and distracted by constant interruptions to any foundation for thought. We could have been building towards intellectual utopia, but companies profit best when people are made into morons and obey moron-level messaging. An environment of trivial ideas becomes the standard and expected level of discourse.

No one ever felt an urgent need to have groceries delivered to their door, but someone saw a way to get money out of the transaction. Every tech company is not solving problems so much as coming up with structures allowing them to be placed in the middle siphoning off money with complicated facilitation while hiding the costly side-effects and suppressing superior alternatives.

They build systems streamlined to exclude real life. Typically Big Tech is technologically partitioned so no humans can be contacted when their systems go wrong. They’ll apologize later, since that’s all they can do, but they don’t really care and don’t have any actual solution. The tools exist for the founders to make money, not to serve any need.

They are grubs and creeps doing no one any favors. They should be banished to live in mines and leave human beings alone.

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