Feminine Rule

The sun rose over the city, casting a golden light over the bustling streets below. The clack-clack of high heels on the pavement echoed through the air as women rushed to their offices, determined to take on the day like a bull charging into the ring.

Women were the new demographic majority in the workplace, their dominance palpable like the heavy humidity of summer. They set the standards, and everyone else was expected to fall in line.

As the years went by, the workplace became more and more feminized. It wasn’t just a matter of more women in power – it was the fact that their social norms and values were now the dominant culture, and they were unaware they had unconsciously manifested their biases and prejudices.

Gone were the days of hard-driving businessmen who focused solely on results and profits. Instead, we had a workplace that valued social pleasure, crowd consensus, and good feelings above all else. It was a world where chattering and socializing were more important than achieving results.

The men in the office had been pushed to the sidelines, their opinions and ideas dismissed. They saw the ladies as frivolous and unserious, too busy socializing and chatting to get any real work done. There was no polite means of offering a correction and no middle ground from which to have an adult conversation.

At first, I tried to resist. I had grown up in a different era, where the only thing that mattered was getting the job done. But as time went on, I realized that I was fighting a losing battle.

The women had taken over, and their values and priorities were now the norm. Many of the women were socialized to believe that they are better suited to certain types of activities or professions, and unconsciously held negative beliefs about those who challenge these expectations. I watched as my male colleagues were slowly pushed aside, deemed obsolete in a workplace that had no use for their traditional values and goal oriented approaches.

It was a strange world we lived in. Social media and other distractions took up more and more of our time, while achieving financial profit and effective results took a backseat. It was a world where deferring to media propaganda was more important than making decisions based on sound logic. Rather than focusing on achieving specific goals or outcomes, they prioritized positive relationships and fostering a sense of community. Their feelings ran the show.

And the worst part? No one seemed to care. The women who were in charge were perfectly content with the status quo, and they didn’t seem to realize the damage that was being done to the workplace. Everyone was giving up their lives to service jobs that weren’t even slightly efficient at making money, but were just a sad way to provide a surrogate family for broken people living in a society made empty.

As time went on, I became more and more disillusioned. I had always believed that hard work and determination were the keys to success. But in this new world, those values were no longer relevant. It was a world where success was measured by how well you fit in with the social crowd, rather than by any measurable results.

In the end, I realized that I was fighting a losing battle. The workplace had changed, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. So, I retreated into myself, watching as the world around me slowly crumbled. The workplace that I had known and loved was gone, replaced by a feminized environment that had little use for the values I held dear.

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