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Emerging trends clearly indication how young boys will have to find good career paths. Since 2015, women are the majority of college graduates, now at 60% and projected to continue increasing their dominance.

“In the next few years, two women will earn a college degree for every man, if the trend continues, said Douglas Shapiro, executive director of the research center at the National Student Clearinghouse. No reversal is in sight. Women increased their lead over men in college applications for the 2021-22 school year — 3,805,978 to 2,815,810”
Gender gap in education
Gender gap in education

Academia will be effectively feminized into an environment by women for women, with safe spaces for minorities and begrudging tolerance for men who accept minority status and defer to the standards and norms of the female majority. Since a feminized social environment is more socially concerned than results based, it is a poor fit for how most men learn in addition to being unwelcoming to men, needlessly expensive, and ineffective. Some men will get through it holding their noses, quietly completing the material without saying anything honest so they can earn their degree credential.

Workplaces are expected to increase the diversity, equity, and inclusion programs nobody wants until they are completely hamstrung by mental cases and perpetual grievances. Men in such environments will try to duck and hide to get any work done, withdrawing from any comment or attempt to fix the nonsense they encounter. It’s just a paycheck, and any engagement in discussion or politics is a loss to be avoided. It’s simply too risky to say anything to coworkers when you can just smile and keep to yourself.

Seeing where this is going puts two obvious career choices in the forefront.

Blue collar work

The demand for credentials that women are mostly getting ensures women will run the businesses and make up the majority staff, establishing an office culture that fits the social desires of women rather than accomplish anything valuable. The women will be mostly single and childless, but paid well to devote their lives to their jobs at companies. They will have nice houses for their cats, but won’t know how to maintain or fix anything. For all their money and success, their empty belongings will be forever crumbling around them for reasons they won’t understand.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer plumbing, electricity, HVAC, or even a niche like handyman (i.e. problem solver for confused people). Once you figure out how to market yourself in your local area, then will have a large customer base of clueless people who need problems solved and have plenty of money to pay for it.

Be polite and friendly, roll in and fix it in an hour, then give them a bill for $532.50 (so specific it looks legit!), then move on to the next customer. If you organize it right you can make a few thousand a day. As business picks up, hire a few friends to make it easier and keep it fun.


Offices of cackling nincompoops are a hellscape for men, and DEI will make them totally dysfunctional pursuing ridiculous goals contrary to business interests, honor, and common sense.

Many environments will chase away the best workers, but a consulting arrangement allows a win-win case for employee and employer. The employee feels external to the mess he’s fixing, rather than bound to a ship of fools. He can also earn far more as a freelancer, which makes sense since he is disproportionate talent accomplishing more than loser employees.

The employer gains by having someone in the office who can actually do something. The employer doesn’t have to count the consultant’s income in their normal salary statistics because it is an external compensation deal. The consultant isn’t compared to the chattering hens or diversity hires chosen for statistical mandates.

In both career paths, men will understand their situation and go about their business fixing things for people who don’t sufficiently appreciate their purpose. Perhaps this will eventually lead to a discussion about how men are the central engine of civilization, and how the deliberate diminution of men destines a decline of civilization to the level of output that the growing domination of women, minorities, and handicapped people (mentally and physically) are able to achieve with their historically demonstrated talents.

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  1. Frank Lance says:

    When women entered into public education and academia en masse, four things happened: 1) no more obligatory Latin study, 2) teachers became more collaborative, less antagonistic, 3) written exams replaced oral disputations, 4) corporal punishment ended

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