Take an Extended Break

You can take a break for a while and rediscover yourself again. A short pause might be enough, or a few years if you need. Shift your costs to the public while getting free food, housing, and medical care. Small crimes will get you 60 or 90 days away from jobs. More significant crimes might get you 10 or 20 years.

You’ll finally get away from the rat race. You’ll probably land in a calm facility where you’ll get to relax and recharge. You can get advanced college degrees in your leisure time, at public expense. Take yoga classes and get outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine every day. Start a band. You’ll have access to a library so you can study esoteric subjects of your interest. You’ll be an expert by the time you’re done.

What’s important is to make the crime random or for personal advantage, such as a robbery with inadvertent violence. It’s not personal, just doing business which is excusable somehow. Don’t target your enemies or issue your own justice. You’re just there to steal money and whatever else happens without any prejudice or hatred. That kind of crime is not so offensive and will only yield a low grade sentence that will give you enough time to get your life in order in an advantageous way. Apologize for your unwanted transgression and express remorse.

Some people keep it simple and stick to property crimes so they have both cash flow and minimal risk of any severe sentence. It won’t be in the newspapers or anything political, so the legal system overwhelmed with the disasters of politicians will just pass you through.

Whatever crime you choose, make sure to pursue it with zest and care, knowing there are the same rewards for good effort as in any other line of work. You are a private contractor and stand to benefit all that you develop in this line of business. There is no middle man, save for the pawn shop or criminal underground helping you convert goods into money.

It’s all about the money, so grab popular high value items to maximize your time invested for superior returns.

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