Honor and Money

“Honor and money cannot fit in the same bag.” -Proverb

So it is. When the goal is money, it is clear that you must renounce honor. This is the purpose of workplace culture displacing normal standards. In the office you are asked to remain silent about your values, preferences, or beliefs while complying with orders and presenting an inoffensive front. Say nothing factual and be sure to say what is expected.

Do not argue for truth or strive to educate. You are seeking consensus, which means conforming to existing expectations. Work hours an at office are not the time or place to educate. No discussion is about getting to the root of any matter. Practical considerations obviate such concerns.

This is a social exercise, not a philosophical one seeking to uncover reasons or intelligently consider implications. Chances are you’re not responsible for anything important anyway. What do you care if everybody around you makes amateur mistakes? They surely will. They are fools doing what average people do, which is the majority rule you see everywhere. It’s not unusual. You do not need to disrupt their easy going ways.

You will soon be home and away from them. Consider your time at work to be a virtual reality. It is not true in any way, which relieves you of the burden of doing right. Let them say and do whatever they want, no matter how terrible the consequences might be. You will walk away from it and return back to your life, which is something worth taking effort so things end up well.

If you need a few heavy drinks later after witnessing another disaster happen because of social norms that prohibit preventing such things, so be it. But do not try to explain things to anybody in the office. That is a losing proposition that will waste your breath and turn people against you because they have no interest in truth.

You are there for a salary, not to behave honorably. Honor is reserved for what is sacred in life. The office is a nonsensical realm of monkeys screaming randomly and flinging poop upon one another.