Honking the Horn


Trapped in your vehicle, made stuck by semi conscious droids. There’s nothing you can do to change the situation you are in. Honk! You lay on the horn to signal your impotent fury. Those around hear it but neither react nor change awareness. Your noises achieve nothing but you feel you have let others know of your unbridled anger, which often has no one at which to lay fault.

Dare you blame a system that constructed your situation and doesn’t care what happens to you? Some grow numb to this stupidity and like good beasts of burden continue plowing through it day by day, either oblivious, blind, or too dull to consider better alternatives to the madness.

Your day is pointless. You traded emails about trivial events with other fools stuck in cubicles tasked with staring at screens all day and faking attentiveness.

You’ll laugh at the notion of a legacy because very little can be built and much is being torn down at an increasing rate and replaced by garbage. You cannot change that. Fools are on the loose and their numbers are needed by politicians who open the gates and commandeer them for their own schemes.

You are just another rat stuck in a car without a means of escape. You honk the horn because you are enraged. Honking doesn’t fix it. You are further enraged that you have no button for a remedy. In frustrated hatred for mankind you honk the horn loudly, and others smirk at your outburst with the pathetic realization that you have changed nothing.

The horn is loud and startling. You want people trained to react to it as if it conveys something important, but city folk learn to drown it out. It’s just another voice or diverse sound amongst a multitude that doesn’t matter. The chattering mass makes much noise that amounts to nothing and here they are doing it again.

There’s no need to respond to signals. The producers think their signals matter, but such things only matter to them. Loud signals are just more pollution of no value.

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