Reluctant Master’s Degree

Realizing an undergraduate degree led to a no man’s land of cubicle dwelling, we reluctantly turned to credential acquisition.

All you have to do is pay for classes, show up, listen, and complete your work. Anyone can do it; some do. A year or two later, you have another degree.

Never believers in having degrees, but realistically noticing how employers perceive additional degrees as a matter of distinction. When the collection of credentials is deemphasized, our knowledge and problem solving are the real distinction.

The degree is just a proxy showing our willingness to suffer and plow through more pointless coursework in order to distinguish us from our odious peers. The general dislike of our coworkers should not be overlooked. We do not want to have happy hours and social events with people from work. The job is a means to income, not a social club. We do not want work obligations unless being paid, nor to tolerate the crippled banter of damaged people.

We could collect all the degrees and credentials in the world if we had infinite time and saw some point to it. But spending free time on another degree is a severe penalty considering all else that could be done. This assumes one is not a consumer of entertainment or reliant upon intoxication to fill time.

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