Don’t Be Manageable

A company like Walmart has organized itself into an easy operation. Corporate buyers strike deals to purchase huge quantities in exchange for very low prices, which Walmart then logistically distributes to its many stores ensuring that inventories are not depleted.

So long as Walmart stores continue to have expected products on the shelves at a good price, customers will keep returning and happily paying for the items they want.

There are employees who follow the Walmart handbook, which surely has standards such as being polite to customers, cleaning up the store periodically, getting stock items out on the shelves, and being on time so they can perform labor for the Walmart machine. Whether a cashier or shift manager, the laborer mindlessly performs the demands of the company handbook to fulfill their role.

The paychecks keep coming in so long as you obey, and somehow you feel superior for working at a Walmart rather than just being there as a customer. The worker puts the products on the shelves and mops up the spilled soda.

Each employee is compliant in that they obey the expectations. Training and company memos inform and remind employees of the behavior they should perform in specific scenarios. Some will make fun of the corporate tone and call the directors and executives stupid for communicating in a way that assumes everyone is a distracted idiot, yet nevertheless those employees comply as required. If hats are not allowed to be worn, no one will wear a hat. If certain words are forbidden, they will be avoided while in front of customers.

Being managed is the easiest existence. You can be high on drugs, exhausted from playing video games all night, or just born stupid and you’ll get by fine just doing what you are told. Obedience affords employees the greatest privilege of disconnecting from reality and replacing truths with insane beliefs, such as that sports are important, entertainment is interesting, or that a particular group is engaged in a malevolent conspiracy against them to suppress their incredible talents. It’s safe to assume that in the Walmart break room the downtrodden employees speak derisively about numerous conspiracies that have been set out against them, and that they take revenge upon in subtle yet undetectable ways.

This obedience is more perniciously expected after work. Citizen subjects watch many hours of television and read news propaganda to learn the attitudes they are expected to adopt and champion, though no rational explanation for accepting them is ever presented. Shows meant to amuse are infused with lessons and fantastical narratives that are meant to be mistaken for reality. News programs depict the world as random or rich with conspiracies, which is a result of the scatterbrained approach to turning speculative fragments into captivating stories by inflating what actually happened, deliberately hiding facts, and barreling past prudent hesitation that suggests it doesn’t make sense or fit into an honest telling about the world.

Political parties depend upon people who are willing to be managed. Democrats cultivate a random coalition of wacky people with assorted grievances who are willing to believe fantasies and scapegoat others for not caring enough about whatever their neuroses think is preeminent at the moment. Some Democrats think the world is getting worse, so much that they forsake having children, yet strongly support changes causing the decline of civilization and call those open-minded and progressive advances.

Republicans blather about tax rates and abortion, both minor issues in the scheme of things and never win even those while also failing to address big issues and set them straight to allow for the conservation of the best aspects of civilization that are essential to a positive future. Every sensible person would tolerate a few decades of high taxes and after birth abortions in exchange for restoring civilization to first-world standards and high culture rather than tolerating decline to third-world failure as the new normal. There’s nothing normal about accepting decline and causing society to fall into an incohesive configuration. Leaders failing to take action to stop its worsening development are performing a dereliction of duty.

There’s lazy dishonesty in just going along with any program. Yet the obedience of a Walmart employee is for the purpose of keeping the stores running, which has a pragmatic purpose in profit through the distribution of goods, while those who obey propaganda and political parties are just conforming to fantasies of controllers who degrade humanity and are complicit in spreading impotence through fraud.

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