COVID-19 Was A Blessing

Thank God for Chinese recklessness and Chabuduo for shaking us out of complacency that tolerated the atrocious.

Beaten down human livestock learns to accept their captors and internalize not just nutty media narratives crafted by their rulers, but also come to believe that everything stupid is somehow necessary, or at least cannot be in any way changed.

COVID-19 gave us a year of freedom from stupid routines that we could not have claimed for ourselves. Suddenly we broke away from habits that had been mostly imposed upon us and wore us down too much to escape. Despite having more time each day, fewer people are watching sports and other entertainment, choosing instead to do things rather than watch meaningless events happen. We aren’t trying to kill time and instead want to use it wisely.

The office is finally dead. We normally achieve about two hours of work a day, though some people can produce a good day’s output in just an hour. However, this takes about 12 hours on average to complete within the structure of an 8 hour work day.

We wake up at 6, take care of loose ends that need to be dealt with that day, assemble presentable clothing, make a quick version of breakfast, shower, and then at 7 rush into an hour of traffic. We get in the office at 8. Two hours have already been wasted in thoughtless madness.

Our physical presence at the office is now required for the next 9 hours. Most of this consists of sitting there, using our cell phones, checking personal email, buying stuff of marginal utility, reading the day’s news gossip, and occupying ourselves with other distractions so time passes. Lunch is scheduled to take an hour, though if the job is relaxed we can take 90 minutes and pretend we were talking about work for that last 30 minutes.

There will probably be some meetings or at least talking to people about work interests in an inefficient and unstructured manner. Eventually it is time to do one or two work activities, and then we’ve achieved what was needed that day. When the clock strikes 5 we are allowed to leave.

We get back in the car to sit in traffic for an hour, and eventually arrive home. Twelve hours were wasted for work that could have been done in an hour or two.

With working from home, we have quick communication with our team members and can focus on the one or two tasks that need to be done. We take care of work without time filling burdens. There is no morning rush, no traffic, no extended lunch – just a streamlined day. We aren’t visitors to a distant office that stretches our supply lines, presumably for deliberate doom.

When the day’s work is done, we don’t have to fake looking busy until time runs out.

The smart managers thought working from home was going to result in limited output, apparently never noticing that most people in the office are just goofing off to fill hours.

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