Call a Lid

Why bother to get up and face the world when there’s no point? Maybe you come into semi-consciousness around 7am or 8am, roll over, go back to sleep a few times, and by 8:30am you can be sure you don’t want to talk to anyone or deal with the world today.

Your basement is huge and sensory free. First you’ll go back to gluttonous sleep, and when sleep is no longer possible you stumble to your basement sanctuary and take in a safe feeling of invulnerability.

Some call it cowardice to hide. C’mon man! It’s pragmatic avoidance and you’d do it too if you could. Think about it because you’d probably like it. Call it an earned luxury or access to a quality of life issue. Most of society is noisy garbage and there’s no need to engage. Call a lid and live a new way.

What are people going to say except stupid things? What will they do but try to impose unneeded burdens upon you? They will hassle and annoy you, but only if you give them access. Cut them out and you cut out their menacing attacks.

There’s no compelling reason to face the public or the demands of a workplace. Any contact with modern people results in a loss. It’s no wonder we hide away.

Accordingly, we need a leader who wisely knows to hide away and avoid public scrutiny. Nothing needs to be done. We can relax best with a leader who calls the day over at 8:30am without making a show of things at the office. None of us were doing much with those hours at work, so no need to fake it and maintain a facade of working hard.

We’ll cut out stressful work and everything else will fall into place. Government will send us free money and productivity will soar when we can pursue our passions without organized systemic restraint. I’ll be writing important poetry and thinking about revolutionary new social structures for the benefit of mankind, as soon as I finish playing video games.

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