Antiwork Censorship

I’m all for reforming jobs, offices, and workplace practices. It seemed r/antiwork would be the perfect place to discuss ideas about that and organize with similar minded people.

It only took a few days to be banned from r/antiwork. Nothing I said was hostile or inflammatory. My thoughts slightly deviated from their narratives and that was enough. Most of my comments were positive and suggested constructive alternatives to wallowing in despair, which is the social norm chosen in r/antiwork as their personality.

Like everything in social media, those wielding power over people are treated like holy priests and communication with them is excluded. Silicon Valley innovated the technical aesthetics of making arbitrary decisions from administrators who operate by stealth and cannot be held accountable. Their main actions are cancellation of accounts and posts communicating ideas they wish to portray as unpopular. Their narratives can only be upheld by removing competing ideas.

When we get a glimpse of who the moderators are, they are inevitably exposed as low ability people in menial jobs who volunteer as group moderators so they can control the speech of others to feel powerful.

The control of communication restricts conversation to a narrow range of ideas that must be repeated. Better alternatives are out of range and participants must act as though those don’t exist, leading to deliberate blindness as if talking about the world but only being allowed to refer to events within a small inbred town. Communication becomes confused because many valid ideas are made off-limits, so mysterious explanations have to be created for that gap and participants taught to repeat accepted phrases in place of reason.

These aren’t serious people. These aren’t comrades in reform making practical criticism. They are dishonest people emoting empty words while play-acting as work revolutionaries. They won’t do anything real because they are frauds.

You can’t point out that there are an abundance of jobs that pay well and have normal hours, or that work terms are negotiable, or preparations allow rapid advancement, or that great rewards are available for workers able to demonstrate valuable skills, or that certain approaches to jobs are unwise and better approaches should be selected instead. These are mostly people offering minimal effort and skills while demanding reward far in excess to their value.

Certain choices will always fail to produce results, so an aware person shouldn’t choose those. If that pattern and its reasons aren’t understood, we should discuss them. Choosing a pattern of failure to be a martyr is just choosing to condemn oneself to failing conditions.

It’s a pity party and you shan’t break up the crying. They aren’t interested in fixing anything for themselves or society, they just want fake sympathy and to draw attention to themselves for acting like innocent victims of their own behavior.

When not busy walking dogs, the highest representatives of r/antiwork: — censorship loving moderators — are dreaming about leaving their parent’s basement and teaching their profound philosophy to children.

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