Corporate Anti-Majority Values


Every company wants more customers. Rather than make a superior product by understanding need and then delivering something of high quality, most opt to expand mediocre offerings to all demographics by appealing to the lowest common denominator. This strategy sabotages success by focusing on the trivial, signaling exodus to those seeking thoughtfully crafted tools.

Google uses its daily search cartoons to celebrate marginalized people and events while omitting the patriotic, normal, and heroic. Their calendar tool for the US is stacked with almost half anti-majority celebrations, imagining some great gain from pushing disunity to a coalition of revengeful groups hoping to overburden and crush the majority through a celebration of angry discontent.

It is at best soft proselytizing. One can either tolerate and gradually incorporate that strain of thinking into their consciousness with wretched results, or do away with subjection to propaganda by eliminating it. A pragmatic refresher helps: other search engines do a better job returning relevant results, as results from Google now are favored if they incorporate a leftist slant and promote products for prospective advertisers rather than provide factual and useful information to people curious about the world.

When using the Google calendar tool, you are thankfully given the option of removing their leftist holiday celebrations, but it is easy to imagine a near future where they prevent that and the entire system must be rejected.

As a company, Google is completely unable to justify itself. Its profits come from monitoring individual users to gather their personal information and then sell that to companies. Rather than share the value of a person’s private information with that individual, the company keeps it all for themselves and creates the moral hazard of releasing personal information to any buyer.

It is probably for the best to jettison such companies before developing dependence on them. They quietly extract value that they use to promote fracturing disunity contrary to social strength.

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