Living in Triplicate

Because of instability and chaotic reactivity throughout society, you have to operate in triplicate for resilience. In addition to your primary career, you need to keep a secondary career in case your specialty falls out of favor and is replaced.

You’ll also need to develop a third career as a backup, one which is midrange in value but popular so you can get hired within a week in case you lose a job in your first or second career. This will buy you time to find a good fit for one of your others careers, which bring in more money but are harder to find the right industry fit.

Similar planning accompanies money. Half of marriages end in divorce and women typically get a significant claim of future earnings and current assets, since as women they are unable to earn a living for themselves despite being at least equal.

You’ll have to earn triple what you otherwise need to survive:

  1. Enough for yourself to start building towards owning a home again
  2. Enough to pay court mandated payments for her lifestyle and home
  3. Enough for your future retirement when you are no longer have any value for others to extract but must pay for basic life expenses

Life would be simple if all energies could be devoted to a single path, allowing for highly focused and qualitative development, but fragility imperils such efforts. Prudence forces us to stretch for multiple purposes of lesser value, or gamble that we can survive on a single path.

Rather than losing and winning, we live in triplicate and expect loss, having no surprise when destruction ruins one of the things we have been building with the short time we have and will never get back.

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