Resignation Matters

Some employees fantasize about writing a dramatic resignation letter in which they imagine will destroy their boss. Realistically, all a nasty interaction accomplishes at work is burning a bridge by displaying how crazy and spiteful you really are.

Better to hold it in and simply write the minimal to communicate your intentions. Give your 2 weeks notice with a simple statement.

“I am resigning my position as head janitor. My last day will be April 1, 2025.”

In most cases, even the most contentious manager will accept your resignation when stated this way, and some will attempt to bargain for you to stay. In any case, you are moving on to better pastures.

By not burning bridges, you potentially retain a safety net at a job you do not want so that you can use it once again in case you are between more desirable options.

Humanity does not do well with revenge. Each side imagines itself innocent and in need of extracting equality by harming the other. This makes conflicts irresolvable. After each hit, the other insists it must hit the other even harder to create equity.

It may very well be that nature doesn’t even consider equality desirable, but appears to hierarchically favor the better constituted, and when the weaker hurts the stronger that is true injustice, for now something excellent has been needlessly damaged that could have excelled for demonstrating the greatness of the species. Equality is something only the lesser able and poorly constituted desire.

We do not want prolonged fighting and endless revenge for no practical purpose, so withdraw from pointless conflict

In the future, you may again run into some people at your current job. Do you want to be remembered as the crazy one? Simply exit with your positive merits intact.

If there’s a time to talk about your manager, it is not to your manager, but to HR during the exit interview. Here your statement is not definitive, but one that adds to what others have said before, and should be made while appearing to be emotionally stable rather than a revengeful attacker.

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