Heavy is the Head

The phrase ‘Heavy is the head that wears a crown’ is an idiom about the tough burden those in charge must bear. While all others can comfortably wait to be told what to do, someone in charge must accurately decide the best choice and arrangement of things, and then commit to all aspects for achieving it.

The source of leftist fantasies is their lack of responsibility. This is why leftism appeals to children, the pampered, and young adults whose job consists of obeying commands because they cannot be trusted to think for themselves.

Lack of responsibility creates distance from reality. They are unfamiliar with pressure to solve problems and considering the parameters of their situation to come up with answers that will work in the actual world.

Those who take commands instead of giving them are free to propose fantasy solutions because no one is going to listen them anyway, and everyone recognizes them as idle complainers lacking wisdom.

They have never undertaken Due Dilligence and never had to give a straight accounting of things. They are fraud, frail, and error unfit for purpose.

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