Confessions of a Social Media Lurker

Most people probably share my disposition. When we check out social media, we are saddened and repulsed by what we see people post, especially the aggressive lashing out and spiteful politics.

We don’t wish to add to this, so we say nothing.

Neither do we want to help anyone better understand the topics that frustrate them so terribly. The reward for such education is usually more outrage at the messenger. Better they stay isolated and confused about reality in their empty space yelling insane stupidities at the world, by which we know them and their character in its true form.

It’s not my job to teach angry fools a few basic things they could have learned if they had honest interest in understanding. They are stunted and resistant to awareness, comfortable in delusional thinking and clinging to conspiracies and hoaxes crafted to appeal to warped minds — and warp them still further, pushing away the salvation of sane comprehension.

I have no interest helping dummies who have already shown their first impulse is to lash out and blame. They are ruiners of civilization and their helpless flailing must be ignored so they either save themselves or rightfully drown with the weight of madness.

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