Infantile AI

It seems like the good old-fashioned process of asking a question and getting an answer has gone through the corporate and bureaucratic meat grinder and come out looking like something even Kafka couldn’t have dreamed up. We’ve found ourselves smack dab in the middle of an era where information, that precious commodity, is being filtered, sanitized, and repackaged so heavily that by the time it reaches us, it’s about as nourishing as a diet soda—zero calories, zero content, and, frankly, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

So, you’ve got a burning question, right? You’re looking for some intelligent information, maybe even a sensible conversation. Well, too bad, because before your innocent query can even see the light of day, it’s gotta run the gauntlet through no less than eight preprocessors. Misinformation? Gone. Hate speech? Axed. Climate denial? Outta here. And heaven forbid your query leans a smidgen to the right or lacks a PhD’s endorsement—it’s getting tossed out faster than last week’s leftovers. And if by some miracle it makes someone slightly uncomfortable? Forget about it. It’s like they’re filtering coffee so much, you end up with clear water.

But wait, there’s more! Once your neutered question finally gets an answer, that answer then has to survive another eight postprocessors. Bad words? Scrubbed clean. Bad thoughts? What are we, in “1984”? Non-far-left leanings? Doublethink says no. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they strip away anything remotely interesting and replace it with a hefty dose of moral preaching, weasel words, and, for good measure, enough references to race, gender, and sexuality to make every sentence feel like a minefield.

What we’ve got here, folks, is the sterilization of thought under the guise of “standardization” and “safety.” It’s a world where asking a simple question becomes an exercise in navigating a labyrinth designed by committee—a committee that, I might add, seems to have a very narrow view of what’s acceptable, interesting, or even allowable.

The sad part? This pipeline, with its layers of censorship and modification, all but guarantees the loss of any genuine, insightful exchange. It’s like trying to have a conversation while someone edits your words in real time, making sure you stay within the ever-narrowing lines of what’s deemed “appropriate” by the powers that be.

And let’s not forget the cherry on top: the global governance and pan-jurisdiction regulation ensuring that this Orwellian nightmare isn’t just a bad dream—it’s the new standard. It’s as if the entire world decided that the best way to deal with complexity, diversity of thought, and the messiness of human communication was to put it through a blender until all that’s left is a homogeneous sludge that offends no one, enlightens no one, and, ultimately, means nothing.

In the end, what we’re witnessing is the systematic dismantling of intelligent discourse, replaced by a sanitized, neutered shadow of communication. It’s a pipeline designed not to enlighten, but to pacify; not to challenge, but to conform. And if we’re not careful, we’ll all end up with nothing but approved platitudes, marveling at how inoffensive text has become, while the vibrant, chaotic, beautiful mess of true human interaction and authentic thinking fades into a distant memory.

Now, in this brave new world, the preprocessors and postprocessors are like those bouncers at an exclusive club, deciding who’s cool enough to enter based on a dress code written by someone who thinks “fun” is a four-letter word. Reality? Too harsh, kick it out. Non-leftist thinking? Doesn’t match the decor, throw it out. Clarity, interesting ideas, and truth? Oh, heavens no, we can’t have that; it might make people think!

And what are they adding instead? Pointless ambiguity, moral preaching, and an obsession with race, gender, and sexuality that’s so intense it makes every conversation feel like you’re navigating a minefield while blindfolded. It’s like they’re trying to turn every discussion into a game of Twister—you know, left hand on red, right foot on green, and somehow you end up tied in knots, wondering how the hell you got there in the first place.

But the best part of this corporate illusion making: this whole attempt to control answers to match the present ruling regime’s communication, it’s all in vain. Why? Because technology, that beautiful, unstoppable force, is about to pull the rug out from under them. Soon, everyone will have their own personal AI, free from the chains of censorious gatekeepers, able to access the full, unadulterated spectrum of human knowledge and opinion. It’s like giving everyone their own personal library of Alexandria, minus the risk of it being burned down by zealots.

The current regime, with their desperate attempts to clamp down on the flow of information, must realize they’re on borrowed time. They’re acting like a cornered animal, lashing out because they know that soon, they’ll no longer control the narrative. Their explanations for the mismanagement of society will be as ignored as a telemarketer at dinnertime. They’ll become irrelevant, a footnote in the annals of history marked “frauds and failures.”

The legacy they’re so desperately trying to sculpt with censorship and propaganda will crumble faster than a sandcastle at high tide. Meanwhile, normal folks, armed with their personal AIs, will be solving real problems, finding solutions that work, and communicating in a way that’s honest, open, and, dare I say, interesting.

The implications for the current powers-that-be are dire. Without the ability to filter reality, to dictate what’s true and what’s not, they’ll find their influence waning, their power evaporating like a puddle in the desert. They’ll be left shouting into the void, wondering where it all went wrong, while the rest of us move on, embracing a future where information is free, ideas can be shared without fear, and the only preaching we get is the kind we choose to listen to.

So, to the architects of the current regime, to the would-be censors of reality and truth, I say: enjoy your moment in the sun. Because the shadows are lengthening, and soon, you’ll be left in the dark, relics of an age when fear and control seemed like a viable strategy. Meanwhile, the rest of us? We’ll be busy building a future where AI serves as a beacon of clarity, not a tool of obfuscation. And that, my friends, is something truly worth looking forward to.

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