Alcohol is Degenerate

Every time I visit the liquor store, my immediate reaction to the clientele, products, and proprietors is of witnessing outlandishly stereotypical lures for pathetic losers with cultivated schemes to profit off of their weakness.

Some customers are functional alcoholics; others just bored with nothing better to do than get drunk. Few of them are able to plan their drinking escapades and realistically assess what they are obviously going to do.

Yet these reckless and impulsive people often own houses and have families because they are obedient laborers with no spark to do anything in their lives more than be anesthetized into a drooling stupor with their free time, ensuring the greatest freedom of life is completely wasted, as they endeavor to do with themselves.

At least with mushrooms you know someone is planning to take a journey to meet God, reevaluate numerous presumptions about reality, and then take several days to consider the merits of what they learned and how to more closely live in accordance with the joys they have witnessed as being possible at least in the spiritual realm.

Alcohol consumers are just dulling themselves to pass the time as if life is a miserable burden to escape, often watching sports or something else mindless. They’ll wake up in the morning sick and miserable, but undeterred from doing it again and again.

They are degenerates and it is impossible to not pass judgment on people who live as they do.

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