Idiots Replacing Experts

Google’s first contribution to debasing civilization was making information easily available to people who were utterly unsuited to interpreting it. Medical information available by search engine encouraged ignorant laymen to think their three minutes of reading a superficial description made them superior to doctors who studied the topic in detailed context, had decades of experience in a medical setting to hone judgment.

Undocumented epidemiologists read news headlines and loudly posted in social media about how to interpret a virus that experts didn’t understand. Amateurs boldly told people what was right and wrong based on what they read on a web page, while expert PhDs who have spent decades in the field struggled to gather sufficient information to produce accurate models. The experts admitted error, while the amateurs just moved on to their next area of claimed knowledge.

When it came time to assess police arrest tactics for resisting subjects, people who were not trained in policing, didn’t understand basic human anatomy, had never grappled, and didn’t seek details about arrest tactics were certain they knew how a particular arrest should have been done and how all arrests should be done.

We have let fools be loud for too long. While it is harmless for crazy and stupid people to hold dangerously destructive ideas, they are a pestilence that should not be spread on civilization. They spread a virulent stupidity that incurs a social debt that others must pay to debunk the fool. We don’t want fools posting on social media, saying nonsense on news entertainment shows, or in any way misrepresenting reality whether to generate advertising money or because they are simply fools promoting ideas they don’t know anything about.

They should stay silent and be respectful towards those who are trying to figure out solutions. Idiots and loudmouths who persist should be handled roughly. They make noise as self-promotion of their supposed benevolence, but there is nothing helpful in speaking about things they do not understand.

Important discussions are hijacked by fools, preventing knowledge from being exchanged or driving it underground where morons cannot intervene to insert themselves. Our public discourse has turned to garbage because imbeciles are quick to appear and share personal opinions of no worth. There are thousands of loud idiots for every knowledgeable, educated, and trained individual on a topic, yet idiots insist on derailing conversations with incorrect ideas in fields they haven’t bothered to spend any time to study. We have no reason to listen to ignorance, no matter how much attention it demands.

Civilization is fragile. Those who claim expertise when they are actually ignorant are destroyers acting against our interests.

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