Leftism is the new Free Pizza

Before Google and Twitter, technology companies used to prove their coolness by periodically buying large quantities of pizza. Executives would happily pay a few hundred dollars for bad pizza to thrill easily stimulated workers and get thousands of dollars of work for the investment.

Free pizza evolved to chef-led kitchens so workers would ideally start their day with breakfast at work, have quick lunches and use bad social skills to talk about projects with coworkers instead of leaving the campus, and stay around at the job to get dinner, forsaking their family and life interests. The low cost of food was worth the extra hours of work obtained, though sometimes workers only put in leisurely 6 to 7 hour days on a $260,000 income while not working towards any useful goals or thinking about valuable ideas.

9:30 a.m. — Get into the office and grab a coconut chocolate Rxbar from the kitchen.
12 pm — I head over to the café with my team and load up on stir-fried veggies and tofu, baby spinach salad, and garlic roasted potatoes
1 p.m. — My stomach leads me back to the kitchen, where I grab a cherry pie Larabar to snack on at my desk.
5 p.m. — I reward myself with a cup of freshly brewed chai and take a few minutes to relax before heading home.
A Week In Berkeley, CA, On A $260,000 Income

Silicon Valley companies tolerate displays of wild leftism and allow their workers to become addicted to it because it keeps those people stuck in delusional infantilism of  close-mindedness masquerading as open-mindedness.

In practice, Google is happy to help Chinese authorities enforce censorship and remove LGBT apps when requested by Indonesian government officials, just as Facebook made China a censorship tool and Yahoo helped the Chinese government prosecute dissidents.

Pretending to support leftism is a profitable corporate image, though real-world business matters aren’t concerned with these things, just as Google once promised to not be evil. So long as workers are encouraged by benevolent executives to get fat eating free pizza or become mentally vacuous by internalizing insane politics, they’ll keep working hard and get stuck in a cage dependent upon free pizza and tolerance for insane political ideas while others pragmatically extract a disproportionate profit from their labor.

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