Sleep Deprivation Will Make You a Million

White collar workers are chronically sleep deprived from waking up too early and taking work home to ponder at night, while checking email and texts at all hours and being dramatically preoccupied with small events that don’t matter much.

Many add in habitual late night shows, watching sports, movies, video games, and other base amusements that keep them up when they should be regaining their strength with sleep.

This nonsense imperils their health, shortening their lifespan by many years as well as quality of life, while preparing the conditions for Alzheimer’s, which is a fitting end after decades of chaotic scrambling finally reflected in the total collapse of structured reasoning and interpretation. For all those hours they cheated sleep so they could serve a boss, now their consciousness has been completely destroyed.

How hubristic to think candles could be burned from all sides for decades on end!

From chronic sleep deprivation, work performance is generally poor and made crazier from massive doses of coffee, tea, soda, and ADHD prescriptions needed to stay awake.

Most jobs doesn’t allow you to show up drunk or high on narcotics, but both are clearer states of consciousness and more productive than sleep deprivation.

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