Classes are Filibusters

Classes suffer the same problem as radio and news shows that fill long programs with bloat instead of informing. They use as many words as possible to say the trivial so they can appear to be full of material.

A class that takes two hours to cover 10 minutes of material is measured by some as richer than a class that crisply skips babble to get to the point.

Bad courses consist of reading bullet points off PowerPoint slides, stating the trivial, repeating already covered topics, and borrowing the hyper-interruption format of modern commercials that position each segment with an introduction and conclude with a summary. These techniques accommodate people too dull to track material they don’t care about, leaving them with an impression that something happened, though they’ll retain almost nothing.

Most people are horrible students forcibly pushed into classes for accreditation rather than knowledge. Educators respond to this dynamic by defensively proving they taught the material slowly to idiots who ignored it, making for a repulsive format antagonistic to those who actually want to delve into topics to learn.

It turns out morons oppress those who seek education by forcing standards down to their level. Perhaps it would be better to dump the dummies and realign education to meet the needs of those who want to learn and are able.

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