Always Be Gaming

I took a new job and studied how they use the electronic calendars to schedule meetings. Then to avoid morning meetings, I set up private daily recurring meetings every half hour from 8am until 10am. Anyone checking my schedule before setting up a meeting would see I was already booked and would politely schedule the meeting for later.

Meetings are dreadful revelations of man’s worst traits: disorganization, loneliness, chaotic thinking, belaboring the inconsequential, and inability to focus on goals. At any moment in a meeting, you could become conscious of some terrible pattern of events and existentially reflect upon what that situation tells you about humanity. You’ll have considered too much and be unprepared for the normal meeting discourse and sloganeering.

Forcing people together into mutual suffering is a type of equality reached by torture and depravity, but is not enlightened or any supposed progress, only a crude coping mechanism, crushing of the healthy, and superficial therapy for the ill while making the entire work environment toxic by showcasing stupidity and forced group socializing as a norm.

Meetings should be quick and brutally pragmatic to foster useful communication for action otherwise not easily attainable.

But most of all, they should be avoided.

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