Tell Him Big Xi Did It

Notorious B.I.G.’s song “Gimme The Loot” about street robbery careers makes scoffing reference to prey who have no practical means of resistance. After a discussion about the ease of robbing women, he simultaneously anticipates and mocks a threat of retaliation, announcing that he knows no effectual response will be forthcoming.

Bitches get strangled for their earrings and bangles
And when I rock her and drop her, I’m taking her door knockers
And if she’s resistant: blakka, blakka, blakka
So go get your man, bitch, he can get robbed, too
Tell him Biggie took it, what the fuck he gonna do?

“Gimme The Loot”

China is likely preparing the next novel virus to unleash upon the world, whether the H10N3 bird flu or one not yet known to science. They will learn from past mistakes that revealed the Wuhan lab as its origin and viral attributes that only occur in man-made structures. They know no one can stop them from releasing viruses or hold them accountable.

It is not a mistake to employ a strategy that harms the world so that a nation can relatively prevail at the cost of millions of lives and massive economic costs. Small advantage at great cost to others is a hallmark of modern schemes to eke out gain from a dry well or unproductive idea. It might well be the case that China can only become the top nation by imposing tremendous losses and disruption on its competitors. Since their goal is to be the world’s leader, who can deny them the right to wreck successful nations so they can prevail over them?

Politicians, scientists, and other functionaries methodically perform strategies or take advantage of opportunity to realize gain while harming other nations, and try to reasonably cover up the mistake of being caught doing so. Plausible deniability is a key objective of such operations. It is understandable that Chinese agents spread fake news and staged hilarious zombie images from their impression of Western B-grade horror movies to draw other nations into self-destructing panic, which also shows how flimsy the strategy was that it depended on bluff and fakery to compel China’s enemies to impose significant and long lasting damage upon themselves out of neurotic fear.

As the Covid-19 pandemic fades away and normalcy gradually attempts to return, China sees no one can stop them from doing it again. The viral release and social media fear propaganda was highly advantageous the first time — and would be even more so a second or third time — it should be expected that additional pandemics will quickly be deployed to sink the rest of the world and allow China to gain the top spot in global leadership, replacing the US as the leading super power without having to hold a formal war and employ nuclear weapons.

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