How To Invest


Ideal investment markets are so predictable they are boring. Companies regularly hit analyst quarterly projections. Normal returns obviate speculative plays, constraining economic activity to value.

Reminded by current geopolitical events, could you in good conscience tell a young person at their first job to invest in a 401k? No one expects the US to last much longer given its growing disunity, and that collapse will throw the markets into turmoil.

The mentally ill whites who rule will have civil war against the quiet whites with guns who just want to be left alone, while all the other ethnicities will enjoy being with their own people and their ancestral cultural norms. Whether the gunpowder lights tomorrow or in two decades is all the same.

Nor can you plan a college fund for your children. Even if the US somehow survives for two decades, will there still be universities? The costs already exceed the value in many cases and will continue to drift apart until the sabotage of universities is understood as bloat. Inexpensive and effective alternatives that don’t yet exist will appear soon, allowing universities to slowly fade away as another institutional relic wilts to irrelevance from lost credibility.

It’s deliberately onerous to invest overseas. US reporting regulations upon European banks result in refusing US citizens rather than accepting the compliance burden. You could try to park your money in weird islands that are so unregulated they might not have it when it comes time for you to claim it.

But you know the time to move investment money is while it cannot be confiscated and isn’t subject to being blocked from transfer overseas. You might have to sneak across the border into Mexico to get an international flight out when things go bad, but there’s no point to having your wealth stolen by a new regime or prohibited from access while the regime collapses.

You could buy physical gold and keep it in a hidden vault in your house, but there’s a good chance that commissars of the new regime will come door to door checking for exactly such hidden wealth. Even if you have millions of dollars in gold, you’d have to physically move it if by fleeing the former US, or have it in numerous small value coins if staying put and trying to exchange gold for goods when the dollar no longer exists.

Any fund you invest in is also subject to confiscation by woke regimes who will say others need the money you spent your life acquiring. Class warfare plays great, until the system is replaced with something else. Diverse interests will be fighting for the spoils and will dare try anything for a chance at controlling resources that increase their power.

I wish I could give you good investing advice, but it’s hard to see much capable of lasting. Maybe a modest farm in the desolate countryside will be so boring and out of the way that you’ll never hear the news of collapse. You could just go about your orderly day with plenty of fruits, vegetables, livestock, sunshine, and fresh air in a spacious community where you can raise your family — real riches that the envious cannot take away.

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