Gas Clouds Over The Office

The woman with an intestinal disorder regularly deploys a flurry of chemical warfare spraying strong floral scents into the air to combat organic methane in its revolutionary struggle to break free of its oppressive confines. Her office broadcasts the smell of endless trench warfare.

You are just trying to earn money and get work done, but have to take in both the obnoxious fumes of perfume unleashed in secret hourly waves of attack and the relatively calmer methane blasts it strives to hide.

Just like sick people coming to the office so they can get everyone else sick and miserable, destroying productivity and morale for a week or two with their brave effort calculated to be productive while sick and show loyalty to their jobs, strong scents are making things worse, not better.

She should take a few hours off to see doctors, get her diet fixed so she can eat foods that don’t cause bowel civil war, and work out a real solution.

But in modern times it’s a fantasy to think people will fix structural errors. They’ll keep doing what’s wrong and convince themselves they’ve mastered problems that only getting worse as they are ignored.

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