Dysfunctional Offices

Do you really want to be somewhere organized and effective? This question sounds crazy at first because so many people complain about their insane work environments.

It’s far easier to endure a chaotic work environments where projects are regularly late and fail than to endure crazy bosses, rigid rules that serve no purpose, and an unending litany of irrational demands.

To get relief from the existential misery of jobs, we do well to hide below the radar where simply not adding on to the chaos rates us above average and allows us to escape cruel mental punishment inflicted on our fellow prisoners.

You’ll notice others who regard the workplace with disdain or are just a total mess of mismanagement, failing to give notice of planned absence, complete time sheets promptly, or communicate essential information. These little omissions create headaches for management and given how easy it would be to communicate the necessary, skipping them can be easily understood as an act of sabotage more than absent-minded oversight.

By not committing the most annoying workplace infractions, management will tolerate you and won’t target you for the most egregious torture reserved for offenders who get noticed.

Next time you’re interviewing for a highly structured and professional workplace, consider the advantages of disarray and how you might fare in the mess others can’t pull together.

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