Measuring hours instead of completion cheats everyone

I try not to watch others too closely. I’m not the NSA or CIA.

The two professional workmen had a long list of tasks for getting my newly purchased house in order, and they had decided to milk it for a one time gain since we had initially agreed to a daily rate.

They’d make the everything take three times longer than it should while working 9-3 with a long lunch break. Though I had to work in at an office during the day, the front door sensor on the alarm system told me everything going on back home.

Now I could never hire these guys again for any future work nor recommend them to my friends. Though I’m a proponent of short work days, I don’t want to foot the bill for people pretending to work while holding my house hostage and deliberately keeping the project incomplete.

Had I incentivized the job by paying for completed tasks, perhaps with a bonus for work well done, what took several weeks could have been wrapped up in a few days.

We’re wasting our lives and defrauding one another with hourly based work.

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