Illegal Alien Labor

Right now, there are illegal aliens in my house. They’re painting as subcontractors to an American business, displacing native workers as a cheaper alternative because they don’t have to pay taxes. In the aggregate, this hollows out labor from the inside and burdens the middle class to pay for the free riders.

The scheme takes roughly the same form in every major city. A guy heads the main company and has a real name that is so English (e.g. Mike Jones) that Indian telescammers envy it. I get to talking with these business owners to understand how they operate.

Each of these guys runs his company legally, at least in terms of filing paperwork. There are minimal real employees, sometimes just the owner. He has a network of regular illegal aliens that are hired daily as contractors and paid in cash. They either provide a fake SSN or none at all. The going rate for fairly unskilled labor is $20/hour, which is $40k/yr, except giving the lifestyle of someone making $55k/yr from not paying taxes. Jobs are well estimated, hours are conservatively padded, and sold on a project basis, while workers are paid hourly. Most jobs are priced between $75-125/hr with the labor wrangler taking the lion’s share.

Alternatively, some companies promote themselves as marketing or management services, soliciting jobs and sending laborers who pick up two checks: one for the legal company and the other for the laborer.

Illegal alien workers get all the benefits of tax paying laborers with costs passed to the middle class. Getting the day laborers directly is far cheaper than getting them through a management company, except for the 53% of citizens who have to pay taxes and cover the cost of free riders. Laborers who don’t pay taxes get everything that tax payers get and more, but without the annoying burden of having to pay for them.

How could someone who wanted fair dealing and to avoid harming society hire only laborers who are legal and pay taxes? There will always be a front man willing to sell out his heritage and nation for a little easy money today. They are fatalistic cowards who create decay none of their neighbors want.

At the very least, laborers should be able to sell their work directly to customers, cutting out useless middlemen and allowing all workers to compete on level ground, skipping taxes equally, since that is how the illegal labor is winning.

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