Inclusion Sanctions Toxic Tolerance

We find ourselves in an epoch of anomie where the norm is to not have norms. We exist in an epoch of glorified insanity, a society that ceaselessly campaigns for the normalization of aberration, dismissing not just the confines of traditional values but the very notion of sanity itself.

Fellow travelers, consider the unsettling trend of pervasive psychopathologization, where every minor eccentricity is seized upon, diagnosed, labeled, then blindly celebrated under the flimsy banner of diversity. It’s a disturbing waltz, one that transforms the human psyche into a carnival of the absurd, a chaotic tableau where dysfunction is not only accepted but lauded. The state of mental health has gone from being a personal and social concern to a celebrated symbol of progressive inclusion.

The most distressing casualty in this carnival is our children, our future. From their tender years, they’re immersed in a curriculum of madness, indoctrinated into accepting the aberrant as the norm. The sacred halls of learning, once sanctuaries of reason and enlightenment, have become theaters of the absurd, promoting a circus of illogicality that goes against the natural order.

“Obey the authority,” they are told, “for they are the irrefutable guardians of truth.” Yet, what if these so-called guardians are themselves lost in a maelstrom of lunacy? What if the doctrine they preach is not a reflection of reality, but a warped caricature, a grotesque shadow-puppet show that mocks the natural order of things?

Every insane policy, every doctrine that clashes with the very fundamentals of logic and natural order, is presented as an infallible gospel. The authority is always right, even when it is quite clearly not. The rational, sane voices are marginalized, dismissed as archaic, or worse, oppressive.

In our relentless pursuit of progress, we have allowed the lunatics to take over the asylum, and the resulting chaos is tearing the very fabric of our society. The erosion of mental health is not a cause for celebration but a cry for help. It is a desperate plea for a return to sanity, a call for a society that respects the natural order while providing the necessary support and understanding for those who deviate from it.

In this brave new world of ours, it seems, the primal instinct of parents – the desire to shield their offspring from harmful influences – has become a punishable offense. The thought police, disguised as well-intentioned bureaucrats, are in full force, deploying their distorted sense of justice upon any parent daring to challenge the all-knowing system.

Imagine the predicament of the conscientious parent who wishes for their child a balanced education, free from the perversely celebrated taint of insanity. They find themselves staring down the barrel of institutionalized prejudice, their very natural instinct to protect twisted into an offense, punished with an almost Orwellian vigor.

The punitive measure of choice? Dismissal. Banishment from the education system, an apparent heresy against the new church of normalized insanity. It’s a modern-day witch hunt, where the witches are simply those refusing to bow to the nonsensical dogma. A cruel irony, considering that education, traditionally, was seen as the gateway to reason and enlightenment, not a tool for enforcing uniform acceptance of the absurd.

“I’m reporting you to [senior staff], you need to have a proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion because I’m not having that expressed in my lesson.”

In such a paradoxical landscape, it’s only natural for a survival instinct to kick in. The mantra adapt or perish echoes loudly in every parent’s mind, leading to a distressingly compliant society. A society where insanity is not just tolerated, but expected. Every bout of absurdity is met with a stoic silence, a forced grin, an almost robotic lack of reaction.

To react is to resist, and resistance, as they are painfully aware, invites repercussions. Hence, everyone learns the art of concealing their horror, their disbelief, their instinctive repulsion towards the blatant absurdities performed before them.

No one dares to blink, let alone question. The twisted play goes on, and the audience is expected to applaud, or at least, remain silent. To express dissent is a direct affront to the system, an affront that is quickly and decisively dealt with.

As we tread the path of everyday life, a new set of skills has become essential. The ability to identify mental illness, not in the conventional sense of diagnosable psychological conditions, but in the broader, more metaphorical sense of recognizing the waves of irrationality that now seem to be the norm, is crucial. It’s almost as if we are living in a parallel universe, one where common sense is an endangered species and insanity holds court.

Pattern recognition has always been a fundamental part of human cognition. But now it serves a different purpose. Now it’s about identifying the deviant patterns of absurdity that underpin our societal interactions. It’s about recognizing the signals of madness that echo through the cacophony of modern discourse.

And yet, despite our cognizance of this insanity, we must maintain the poker face of obliviousness. To openly acknowledge the absurdity is to invite the wrath of its propagators. Instead, we must learn to sidestep the madness, to quietly disengage without arousing suspicion. It’s a dance of evasion, a silent ballet performed amidst the screaming chaos.

Our navigation through society has, thus, taken on a strange resemblance to martial arts. We move with deliberation, staying alert to threats even as we present an exterior of calm indifference. We sidestep the strikes of irrationality, evading them with calculated precision, and always careful not to signal our understanding of the underlying insanity.

Our strategy is thus not confrontation, but avoidance. We recognize the insanity, we see the sword swinging towards us, but we choose not to block, not to parry. Instead, we sidestep, we disengage, we keep moving. All while maintaining our façade, a façade designed to shield us from the irrationality that seeks to consume us.

And therein lies the paradox of our current existence. We recognize the absurd, we see the mental illness in all its unholy splendor, but we can’t react, can’t expose it. We can only sidestep, avoid, disengage. It’s a strange dance with insanity that we are forced to perform every day.

Consider this: the stewards of our most esteemed establishments, the gatekeepers of knowledge, power, and wealth, no longer serve as champions of rationality. Rather, they have morphed into strange puppet masters, weaving narratives of madness into the very fabric of our society. They decree rules that defy logic, policies that twist the mind into pretzels of cognitive dissonance.

This isn’t a harmless exercise in creative thinking. This is a full-scale assault on sanity. Employees are no longer valued for their intellect, their diligence, or their creativity. Instead, they’re evaluated on their ability to swallow, regurgitate, and enforce these insane doctrines. It’s no longer about facts, evidence, or reason. It’s about blind obedience to the gospel of the absurd.

There is a specter of the Gulag in this madness. Like Russian soldiers forced to march into a hailstorm of bullets, employees march into a hailstorm of illogical mandates, each more absurd than the last. A retreat into rationality isn’t just frowned upon; it’s a career-ending move. Those who dare question the insanity are swiftly eliminated, crushed beneath the juggernaut of institutional madness.

The absurdity isn’t just that the insanity is systemic; it’s that the system itself is committed to perpetuating the insanity. This isn’t a temporary aberration; it’s a fundamental shift in the institutional ethos. The system no longer serves as a bulwark against madness; it’s the source.

So, what are we left with? A theater of the absurd, where rationality is the jester, and insanity the king. An Alice-in-Wonderland reality where up is down, left is right, and sanity is madness. And the real tragedy is that those who foisted this insanity upon us, those who twisted our institutions into factories of madness, remain untouched, shielded by the very chaos they’ve unleashed.

We’re left standing amidst the wreckage of our once healthy institutions, staring at the ruins and wondering how we let this happen. How we allowed insanity to become the new normal. But the truth is, we didn’t have a choice. The choice was made for us by those who saw fit to subvert reason, to make insanity not just accepted, but compulsory.

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